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Dan Liu Family 2007

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Hope that 2007 has been a good year for you and your family as well. We thank our Lord Jesus for his grace and another blessed year.

Other than a President's Day weekend beachfront stay in Santa Barbara, we did Lake trips this year. Lake Tahoe for Spring Break, Lake Powell for a houseboat trip with friends from Dan's work, Lake Almanor to visit Dave Karnes' cabin (climbed to Mt Lassen's peak of 10K ft from 8K) , Shaver Lake for our annual camping trip with our boat and 50 friends from our church. Dan got to take out the boat 7 times in one weekend! We won the house boating trip to Lake Powell in a drawing....thanks to AAA travel!!

In November, we were all in Chicago for Dan's Niece's (Allison & Joel) wedding. We got to experience Chicago's first snow of the season, and made a trip downtown on the train and had Brunch at Macy's(formerly Marshall Fields). We enjoyed the window displays and four story Christmas tree.

Melissa and Jocelyn attended the Urbana Missions Conference between Christmas and New Years of 2006, it gave them a world view of Missions work. Dan, Agnes, Alaina and her friend vacationed in Escondido at Lawrence Welk resort during last Christmas Holiday; this year it will be Oceanside.

Melissa, twenty years old, is currently in her third year and studying Computer Engineering at University of California, Riverside. This summer she was able to work as an intern at Raytheon alongside her dad. She worked in the Lasers Department and was part of the Metrics and Analysis Team. She is now continuing to work at Raytheon as a part-time employee during the school year via telecommuting and is only required to go into the El Segundo office once a month! She has also been attending Harvest Christian Fellowship on Sundays in Riverside led by Pastor Greg Laurie.

Jocelyn served at a Mexicali mission trip during Easter break, graduated from high school this past June and is about to finish her first quarter in UCLA Honor's program. She is adapting to the fast & rigorous pace of quarter system in college. She is considering changing her major from economics to life sciences. She tries to play tennis regularly by attending the Club Tennis practices and is still checking out various Christian fellowship groups, trying to pick one that suits her well. She shares a room with two other girls and is enjoying college life at UCLA. Go Bruins!!!

Alaina is very busy with flute, piano, tennis lessons, and church activities. She is finding that it is very difficult to balance homework and everything else. Alaina loves to take care of our dog Honey (a Maltipoo); Honey has added much joy to our home. Alaina plans to make Varsity tennis first year in high school, so she is playing at least 4x per week. Alaina is growing in Christ and was baptized in September.

Agnes is still working PT as a Clinical Pharmacist at Los Alamitos Medical Center. She can juggle her schedule to play chauffeur for Alaina's activities, and still work out 3x per week!!

Dan ended up in the hospital two times this year. Skiing at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe, he did a dramatic head plant in the powder and knocked himself out...he wears a helmet now!! We also did a big remodel on our backyard, but while lifting the 90 lb bags of cement he popped a hernia, so went in for surgery for that. Raytheon is still providing challenges, though now in program versus functional management.

Merry Christmas to all, hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family & friends!!

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Dan Liu Family 2007